Shot detection now uses Apple Watch microphone
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Shot timer for Apple Watch

Uses the sensors in Apple Watch to detect and isolate your shots
Free public beta

Easy to use

To start a session, set your Par Time and Delay. The Delay range controls the random starting buzzer.

Built‑in presets

Presets let you quickly adjust shot detection settings. There are a variety of options, with more coming soon.

Modes: Live fire Dry fire CO2 Airsoft

Ammo: 9mm < 9mm * > 9mm *

Enviroment: Outdoor Indoor *

* Some coming soon

See split times

Instantly see your performance at the end of each session with split times and more.

Metrics: Split times Totals Heart rate

Attention to detail

Isolate your shots

We combine audio and motion data to remove false‑positives.

Taptic buzzer

You'll feel the buzzer, so you can use Shotbud with ear protection.

Fine tune detection

Optionally adjust microphone, echo, and motion sensitivity.


Free public beta

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