New support for Apple Watch microphone in Shotbud

Product updates

Shot detection now uses the Apple Watch microphone

Shotbud no longer requires your iPhone to process audio detection – improving performance and ease‑of‑use.


We hope and wish everyone and their families are doing well during these difficult and troubling times.

Our apologies for the lack of updates, posts and the delay in announcing the first beta version of Shotbud, which has been live on the App Store since late 2020. We made a soft announcement via our social media and deeply thank everyone who has tried and tested Shotbud so far. From the start, we were committed to bringing the best experience and performance possible and would not entertain the thought of charging users for something we were not happy with and would not use and train with ourselves.

Shotbud in this latest beta is performing to a level we are happy with and we hope you will be satisfied. We are excited for you to try and test this latest version.

The NEW free beta version will be live via the App Store (version 1.3).

Since the last version, we have:

  1. Enhanced shot detection across all presets: Live Fire, Dry Fire, CO2 Dry Fire, and Airsoft
  2. Fixed a bug where the par buzzer would sometimes be detected as a shot
  3. Improved split time detection to 0.14 seconds (from 0.22s)
  4. Fixed various other bugs

Shotbud will remain free of charge until feedback and user satisfaction of the beta is as close to 100% on our Shot Detection and App User Feedback We tried to make the feedback as intuitive and as quick and easy as possible and highly encourage everyone to fill out.

Before we begin to roll out new features and other enhancements in the app, we want to ensure the App performance and shot detection is working flawlessly for all users, especially with different series of devices.

Please utilize the Shot Detection and App User Feedback, as it is going to give us the most direct feedback and will better help to support basic troubleshooting. Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to us at for any questions, help, or feedback on how we can improve or enhance the experience of Shotbud. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED HELP AND SUPPORT!!!

These past few years have not been easy, but we have been able to build and connect with some of the most amazing individuals on the planet. Your support and your help has driven us to keep going and to never give up. The outpouring support for Shotbud has been tremendous. We would not be here without everyone’s help, support and patience.

We sincerely thank everyone for waiting patiently, also to those testing and using the available beta, we extremely appreciate your continued help and support. Please share Shotbud with family, friends and those you meet at the range or on the field. If they are wearing an Apple Watch, tell them. Again, please utilize the feedback form, as it is going to give us the most direct and constructive feedback and will better help you understand how the app works and solve most troubleshooting questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out directly to us in any issues or concerns or how we can improve or enhance the experience of Shotbud.

We wish everyone and their families all the best during this time and look forward to sharing more exciting news and updates.

Be Safe, Train Hard and God bless,

-Shotbud Team

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